These MEOWs have been seen in the forest so far… Keep a lookout for more.


Chapter I - The Awakening

Twitter opens.
Discord opens for friends and family.
Invite contest begins for cash prizes.
Discord officially opens to public.

Chapter II - Time To Tame: Mint Your MEOWS

20 MEOWS NFTs will be given away to our community via contests, giveaways and Twitter engagements.

Chapter III - Running With The Pack

Exclusive MEOWS Pack Holder Discord channels.
Exclusive Pack Holder Role (Pack holder role equals holding 5 or more MEOWS).
There will be valuable giveaways for our community with that specific role.

Chapter IV - Collecting With The Pack

After all MEOWS have been tamed there will be a series of Collector Challenges.
We will set aside a pool of Ethereum for every challenge from secondary sales royalties.
Collect MEOW NFTs with particular traits and win your share of the Ethereum pool.
The size of your pack is an important factor for completing Collector Challenges.

Chapter V - Events, Merchandise And More

Merchandise Drop.
IRL events – Free to MEOWS holders.
Roadmap 2.0 announced.


Grumpy Meow

Project Manager
The Real Meow

Creative Director
Queen Meow

Community Manager

King Meow

Head Moderator

Frequently Asked Questions

Whitelist Mint: September 7th at 11 am PST
Public Mint: September 7th at 12 pm PST
The price will be 0.025 Ethereum for each MEOW.

There will be 9000 MEOWs in the forest. Are you lucky enough to tame them and gain their trust?

By meeting current requirements. Check Discord for details.

You can mint up to 10 Meows per transaction. The larger and more diversified your pack the greater your results will be in the collector challenges for Ethereum. We are using a gas efficient 721-A contract so we don’t anticipate any gas wars.

You will be able to mint on this site,

Make sure you have a MetaMask with Ethereum in it. You can buy Ethereum on many exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

You can connect your wallet on pc using the Metamask extension for the Chrome browser. If you are on mobile you can connect through the Metamask in-app browser.

Yes, absolutely. Please check the roadmap

Soon after mint.

The best place to contact the MEOWs team is on Discord or Twitter.